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Creativity and Thoughts

creativity Oct 31, 2020
🌺 How can we co-create a meaningful life with our thoughts?
Thoughts are a key part of creativity. When we think creatively, we can create amazing things.
Our thoughts play a crucial role and a key part in living the life we want. Therefore choosing our thoughts wisely is paramount because our thoughts can create a positive or destructive life.
Take a look at your own life.
🌺 How do your thoughts contribute or stifle your creativity?
You are an essential part of how things unfold in your life and co-creation contributes to our path and journey influencing and changing our perceptions.
When we connect to our spiritual self our creativity flows more strongly and clearly.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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How can we be creative in our lives?

creativity Oct 29, 2020
When creativity is stifled it is important to find the right outlets in our lives for creative expression.
Being creative is the quality we bring to life and being creative is to be in love with life.
The more we tap into our creative energy, the more we will want to enhance and contribute to the beauty of life.
When we connect to our spiritual self our creativity flows more strongly and clearly.
8 questions you can ask yourself and health partners (patients) are:
πŸ’•What do you love doing?
πŸ’•How do you fan that creative spark?
πŸ’•What are you energised by?
πŸ’•What makes you feel connected to your own inner source?
πŸ’•What can you do to build this connection?
πŸ’•What activity helps you gain a sense of
peace, clarity and a feeling of fulfillment on completion?
πŸ’•What do you do that makes you feel that you are contributing in a positive way to your own and others wellbeing?
πŸ’•What do you find comes naturally for you to do?
People create in different ways.
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What are some health benefits of creativity?

creativity Oct 28, 2020
Research of literature has identified the positive impacts on health, of being creative.
πŸ’• People who engage in creative activities such as art, music, and dance show an improvement in mood, pain symptoms and cognition.
πŸ’•Relaxation and music therapy has been found to have a positive effect on patients admitted to coronary units with an acute myocardial infarction.
πŸ’•Movement based creativity brings about awareness in consciousness in adults during a midlife crisis, helping people to understand themselves, relationships and becoming more open to acceptance and letting go.
πŸ’•And there is statistically significant evidence to show expressive writing can improve the immune system.
(Stuckey and Nobel 2010 article).
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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β€œTo be spiritual is to create.”

creativity Oct 27, 2020
As Ernest Holmes once said, “To be spiritual is to create.”
Have you ever found it difficult to express how you feel?
Has there been a time when words don’t quite capture your emotions and what is deep within you?
Or do you find it easier to write poetry, music or journal because in doing so you feel a sense of freedom and the ability to communicate that which cannot be contained?
Creativity is an important need of the human spirit.
We all have the desire to create something.
Our human spirit longs to be in creation.
The inspiration comes from within, from a place that is meaningful to you.
Creativity can be expressed in:
πŸ’•singing πŸ’•writing, πŸ’•dancing πŸ’•painting πŸ’•cooking.
πŸ’•It can manifest in work, or through the environment like decorating the interior of where you live.
πŸ’•We can create meaningful relationships or contribute to a greater cause or a community project.
πŸ’•Creativity comes from the values you hold sacred to yourself.
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Healthy relationships are important for our human spirit.

relationships Oct 24, 2020
It is through a relationship with ourselves and connecting with others, we are able to cultivate virtues like strength and love, which are deeply imbued within.
Take time to reflect on the relationships in your life and how these can be improved or in some cases let go of, for growth can only occur in intimacy and trust.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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How can we cultivate healthy relationships?

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020
Where should everything start from?
In order to have a healthy relationship with others, we need to have a healthy relationship with ourselves first.
If we are compassionate and non-judgemental, towards ourselves, we will be this way with others.
4 questions to ask yourself In order to bring awareness:
βœ… Do you respect yourself?
βœ…Do you show compassion or nurture
βœ…How do you see yourself?
βœ…What is your best self?
If we believe we are not deserving of love, this will reflect in our relationships.
A key aspect in building good relationships with others is accepting ourselves. When we accept ourselves we will accept others and our expectations of others will be gone.
πŸŒ€It is important to ask ourselves, do I really accept that person for their perfect imperfections?
Relationships are a mirror of how we reflect our own spirit and we are responsible for our spirit and the only one who can foster a relationship with...
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What are the benefits of healthy relationships?

relationships Oct 21, 2020
According to Harvard Medical School:
πŸ’•Caring relationships release stress reducing hormones.
πŸ’•Reducing stress then indirectly affects the immune system, coronary arteries, insulin regulation and gut function.
There are researchers that have shown:
πŸ’ŸIsolation can have the same effects as physical pain and close relationships are protective against the impacts of stress.
πŸ’ŸPeople with healthier relationships tend to live longer, have less depressive and anxiety symptoms, reduced risk of dementia and less risk of cardiovascular disease.
πŸ’ŸHealthy relationships help us grow spiritually. We are better able to develop intimacy and trust, companionship and love.
πŸ’ŸWe become less fearful in nurturing relationships and feel less alone.
πŸ’ŸIt is through intimacy and trust we are able to work through experiences and shed qualities such as envy, competition, and betrayal and move towards more wholesome feelings..
πŸ’ŸIn our vulnerability in healthy relationships, we...
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Why does our spirit need relationships?

relationships Oct 20, 2020
Have you ever felt the desire for nurturing and supportive relationships?
Have you felt the need to let go of relationships that are harmful to your spirit with a view to experience those that are warm and support you to become the best version of yourself?
Relationships are an essential important need of the human spirit.
Whether it is a relationship with our family, children, romantic partners, co-workers, environment, God or even ourselves, the quality of our relationships are important in the way in which we lead our lives.
People who develop and nurture strong supportive relationships, experience much more love in their lives.
Our relationships are not limited to a nuclear family alone, and can extend to friendships, extended family, spiritual or religious networks, sporting teams, hobby groups and communities.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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Values with Clarity

values Oct 16, 2020
Our values along with hope guide us through life's trials and tribulations.
Knowing our values helps steady us when we find life difficult.
Values may change overtime and it's important to recheck values from time to time.
Being clear of values at whatever stage you're at can help you set important meaningful goals and stay focused on what is important to you.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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Different values.

values Oct 15, 2020
People have different values depending on our different backgrounds, like culture, age, class, religion and genders.
Our values affect our behaviours and what we also value in society.
Understanding we all have different values, will help us understand others which will help us work through conflict and realise that what may be right for us, may not be right for others and vice versa.
Our values may differ in our close relationships, like with partners, children, parents and friends.
This may be due to different life experiences and exposures in our life journeys. The recognition and understanding of this is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship as sometimes differing values can cause big issues with the ones closest to us.
Can you recollect a time when differing values has caused disconnection, dissatisfaction and disagreements amongst loved ones?
When we begin to understand values differ in close relationships sometimes, we can have...
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