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Being Intentional For Better Well- Being Series: Episode 4: Creating A Sacred Healing Space

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2021

Create a sacred space that is welcoming, it will influence your emotional, mental and physical health.  In this video I give you some tips to help you create that sacred healing space for yourself!

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Being Intentional for Better Well-being Series. Episode 3: Connecting To Your Spirituality

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2021

Learn to connect within to a deeper place of all knowing, and harness that knowledge in everyday life more intentionally. Connect to your spirituality. What gives you meaning and purpose?

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Being Intentional for Better Well-being Series. Episode 2: Meaning and Purpose

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2021

 Finding meaning and purpose today.

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Being Intentional for Better Well-being Series. Episode 1: Scheduling your day

anxiety video Mar 15, 2021

Schedule your day: This helps with decreasing your anxiety, feeling of being overwhelmed.

Scheduling your day will give better productivity, provide clarity and create space in your mind that will energize you.

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gratitude Mar 10, 2021

Gratitude is essential to bring a deeper meaningful connection within life. Gratitude leads to your own inner profound transformation. Ancient philosophers and sages from different spiritual traditions have emphasized cultivating gratitude. It is a fundamental pillar for experiencing, developing and sustaining that inner peace, fulfillment and happiness.

In relation to mental health, gratitude and spirituality may be helpful to individuals experiencing anxiety and depression in response to a loss. The emotion of gratitude involves the feeling of appreciation, and creates a pleasant overall feeling. The perception of what is sacred, (people, experience, situation or the divine), elicits the emotions of gratitude and increase the amplitude of how they feel. This combination of spirituality and gratitude increases their ability to cope, creating a positive mindset and becoming more resilient to suffering.

Gratitude is an emotion that fills your heart. When practiced on a daily basis...

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9 Tips to ease anxiety and stress through the crisis

anxiety crisis Mar 01, 2021

We are dealing with unpredictability, chaos and unknowns. People are
feeling unsettled and less in control. It is more important now than ever to be
socially connected, this is a need of our spirit. By depriving ourselves of this we will
be creating more emotional, mental and spiritual distress. Creating more distress is
a downhill spiral for our wellbeing and health. 

So How can we ride this wave of turbulence like a skilled surfer and perfectly be in
harmony with the wave?

Here are a few practical tips that may help you prevent yourself from falling into the
depths of the dark fearful ocean.

  1. Practice Gratefulness: Write down what you were grateful for each day.
  2. Create a schedule of your day: This I found especially important when feeling
    overwhelmed. It really helps to keep you clear on your present day, and
    what needs to be done
  3. Appreciate: Find something to appreciate daily
  4. Finding Meaning and purpose four yourself in the current situation: not
    being clear on your own meaning and...
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Finding meaning in grief

grief healing meaning sadness Feb 22, 2021

Have you experienced loss that sometimes you don't have the words to express?

Has disconnection caused heartache and pain that is unbearable?

Do you try and find meaning and sense in grief? 

Grief can arise in many different situations in our lives. We can lose loved ones, relationships, our sense of meaning, purpose and identity, or the job we loved. We can experience grief as feeling like we don't belong in the world. Communities can grieve the loss of land and ocean spaces

We can experience grief seeing others in pain and suffering. Grief is a human emotion and experience, that is unsettling to the heart, mind and soul. Finding meaning in grief is crucial to healing. 

The stages of grief

There is no set time frame or limit to how long grief persists. It varies culturally and also historically. In some cultures the ceremonies carried out for passing of a loved one is a process which takes sometimes days or weeks and in others, it may be a few days. All for very valid...

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failure Feb 02, 2021

Have there been times in your life when you have felt like you have failed as a parent, friend, child, student, worker? Do the feelings of failure overwhelm you and knock your confidence to the point where you lose motivation? Has failure ever driven you to do better? Are their moments when you have self reflected on seeming failures and realized these moments were moments of growth? 

We have all experienced the feelings of failure. Failure to complete a project, failure to make a sports team, failure to 'raise our children right,' failure to pass exams, Failure to be that good friend or wife etc..

However, these moments in our lives require perspective within the context of a life's journey and also reflection on who has set and determined the criteria for what constitutes 'success.' For every seemingly failure we are reminded of, there are stories in our lives that have brought us and others joy. The infamous story of Michael Jordan, basketball player, who never made the...

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When life feels meaningless

meaning Jan 19, 2021

 “Life is meaningless”

Maybe this is something you have said to yourself or there is someone close to you or who you have taken care of who  have utter these words. 

There are many ways to approach this.

:bulb:The thing that pops up in my head is, :woman-shrugging::skin-tone-4:what meaning is being referred  to? :question:How can I clarify what exactly “meaning” may mean.  

When I do this I find it sets up the foundation for clearer communication and less judgement.  Meaningless is like we lost our “so what?” and don’t know where to look to gain that value back.

As humans we are unlikely to be truly content with any purpose of our existence. It has to be something that is aligned with your meaning, your deeper held values. Something that you believe in.

So believing in something is an innate core part of us that has powerful motivation to bring about a more fulfilling life. Life becomes more fun, relationships are improved, and now when...

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Accepting Imperfections

imperfection Jan 15, 2021

When we accept ourselves unconditionally we are loving ourselves completely. To love all facets of who we are, is to accept our  whole being,  our spirit begins to thrive and we can have the realisation we are made perfectly imperfect. This sets the path, for being able to also show more compassion and  love to others and their imperfections.  Creating more fulfilling relationships that we can treasure and have more respect and admiration for our own work. Our imperfections are part of our mental and spiritual growth. 

"Nurture, nourish and cherish that person whom you will have to live with for the rest of your life,  yourself."


Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

Content support Maria Peach

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