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gratitude Mar 11, 2020

Gratitude is essential to bring a deeper meaningful connection within life. Gratitude leads to your own inner profound transformation. Ancient philosophers and sages from different spiritual traditions have emphasized cultivating gratitude. It is a fundamental pillar for experiencing, developing and sustaining that inner peace, fulfillment and happiness.

In relation to mental health, gratitude and spirituality may be helpful to individuals experiencing anxiety and depression in response to a loss. The emotion of gratitude involves the feeling of appreciation, and creates a pleasant overall feeling. The perception of what is sacred, (people, experience, situation or the divine), elicits the emotions of gratitude and increase the amplitude of how they feel. This combination of spirituality and gratitude increases their ability to cope, creating a positive mindset and becoming more resilient to suffering.

Gratitude is an emotion that fills your heart. When practiced on a daily basis...

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Loneliness in the Workplace

Are you a leader in your workplace or health institute? How often do you connect with the people around you? As a leader, How do you create a welcoming and spirited environment?

The need of the spirit to connect can effect the motivation of people in the workplace. More and more people are not connecting to each other at work and are in fact very lonely.

Did you feel lonely during your training as a health professional? How many times did someone in authority or leadership role take that extra time to get to know you as a person, beyond your work settings? Loneliness is becoming much more common in the workplace.

This Forbes article talks about loneliness in the workplace and how it effect’s productivity.

“Lonely workers take twice as many sick days and demonstrate less commitment and weaker performance. Their emotions can spread to others, as well, causing a ripple effect throughout an organization.”

Today’s Technology helps people to think they are...

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Breaking Delusion

Some people choose to move through life burying their head in the sand and some choose to be brave and face the truth.

How do you stop seeing things the way you want to see them, as opposed to the truth that might be right in front of you?

We choose to bury our heads in the sand and not see the truth. A common example is getting stuck in unhealthy relationships. This has happened to me. I remember convincing myself that it was healthy but deep down I knew it was not. I knew the struggle was my ego battling my spirit. I chose to ignore the struggle within. I chose to be blind and bury my head in the sand. All because I was afraid of a painful outcome. One that was not to my ego’s liking. I was denying myself the truth. I didn’t listen to others who so graciously pointed it out. I didn’t listen to that obvious discomfort that was always there in the pit of my stomach and in my heart.

Despite my refusal to listen to the voice of others and my own, there was always a...

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Forbidden Access for trying to Name a Baby

When my sister gave birth to her first child last year, I had the honour of being in the room to support her and witness this tiny miracle. Pretty soon after the birth, I left the room to call my parents and relay the awesome news. When a baby is born in my family, it is our spiritual and religious belief to do a prayer and open our scripture and select the first verse of that page as blessings for the newborn. We name the baby with the first letter of that scriptural verse. It is a sacred ceremony to us and many generations including my own children and myself were named this way. So, my parents were happily waiting to do this for my niece. 

I was on my way back, excited to bring my sister the blessing of the scriptural verse and letter to be used for the name of her child, but I got stopped at the nurses’ desk. There, sitting at the desk, was a new nurse - who said I couldn’t go in. I told her I had just been there and I only left to go and call my...

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Higher Purpose and Being in Service Reduces Inflammation

Exploring your own values and higher purpose generates more happiness, compassion, self-discovery, wisdom and greater meaning in life.

Research has shown that having a higher purpose and desire to be in service to others has an impact on gene expression, specifically in decreasing pro-inflammatory compounds. On the other hand, seeking out things in your life that create fleeting happiness, like depending on activities that avoid your pain and pursue pleasure, have been shown to be unfulfilling and can trigger genetic expression of those pro-inflammatory compounds. These compounds and stress biomarkers are linked to cancers and chronic diseases, like autoimmune and gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and hormone imbalances.

Spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, worship, tai chi, yoga, and connecting to activities that make you feel “alive” and peaceful, have been shown to strengthen an area in your brain called the...

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Needs of the Human Spirit - Love

love spiritual needs Jan 28, 2020

Love is an essential need of the human spirit.

Honouring and Serving,
Simran Rattan

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How Highly Empathic Heath Care Professionals can Prevent Compassion Fatigue

Having Empathy creates a better health partnership between physician/provider and patients.
Physicians who had a higher empathy score, have higher scores of emotional exhaustion, as shown in this research.
What do we do when we have high empathy scores and are therefore prone to emotional exhaustion with our work? This can result in compassion fatigue, burn out or vicarious traumatization.
Spirituality is important in patient care because it has been observed to give strength in being able to cope, have better quality of life and better well-being. This applies to ourselves also; engaging in our own spirituality will give us the strength, resilience and well being to prevent emotional exhaustion.
Signs you may be having compassion fatigue include:
Having Sadness & Grief
Avoidance or dreading working with some patients or people at work
Detachment and reduced empathy towards patients or families
decreased intimacy towards loved ones and self
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Needs of the Human Spirit - Forgiveness


Forgiveness is an important need of the human spirit.

Honouring and Serving,
Simran K Rattan

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Navigating through uncertain times

connection meaning purpose Jan 20, 2020

There are times when you are sure about what you are doing and times where you have no idea what you are doing or why you are doing things.

It's the times when things seem unclear, when we can feel lost or stressed. During that time consider pondering on what is really holding you back. Focus on your strengths and what really matters to you. This will bring clarity, positive emotions and confidence back.

To help, These 3 questions can help you to navigate through stormy or uncertain times.

1) What has helped you in the past to navigate through uncertain times?
2) What tools or strategies have helped you to gain clarity in the past?
3) What is the service or value you want to contribute to others?

When I feel unclear on what direction to go, I reflect on the above three and add the question, how does this tie to my vision and needs of my spirit? One of my needs is connecting to the universal creative intelligent life force within, through meditation. When I think of how this ties to my...

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Doctor Me First Podcast

It was fantastic being on Dr. Errin Weisman’s podcast, Doctor Me First.

We had a great conversation on my word; spirituality. We talked about why spirituality is not being addressed in health. We talked about a powerful question, that at first I was skeptical to use. I thought people wouldn’t respond, but to my surprise the opposite happened! Have a listen!

You will be able to stream it from any podcast app! You can also check it out on her website

Here it is on YouTube for your listening!


Honouring and Serving,
Simran Rattan

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