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How do you deal with unrealistic overwhelming demands?

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2020
Unrealistic demands from work, family and yourself and trying to meet them all can be exhausting.
It creates stress and an unhealthy balance in life.
We all need that reconnection, energy and clarity on what we want in our life.
Here are 5 tips to help gain a balanced perspective in your personal and professional life:
👉🏽 Reflect on how realistic your expectations are for yourself and those around you.
👉🏽 Recognize your weaknesses and ask for support from relationships at home and at work .
👉🏽 Master your resilience - through meditation, don’t accept stress as a fact of life.
👉🏽 Step into your power by letting go of your old beliefs that are limiting you from being your infinite self.
👉🏽 Put your self as the first person on your favourites list. Self care is not selfish.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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Humility is a new way of thinking of intelligence.

humility Jun 15, 2020
Let’s face it we all cringe at unflattering feedback from a friend or colleague; no one likes criticism.
Humility helps you focus on managing your self and avoid reacting quickly and telling yourself that your friend is wrong.
You might be thinking that humility is a religious idea which means being passive and submissive.
I like to see it more as a mindset.
Think of humility as cultivating interpersonal and collaboration skills that “quiet the ego”.
Humility helps us shape how we react, shorten our emotional defensiveness and creates a compassionate, open hearted, open minded state of being.
It allows you to practice your life consciously listening and reflecting on the perceptions you have and rise above your cognitive and emotional biases.
Humility empowers you to let go of your preconceived notions of the world and gain stronger connections with others in your life.
When you cultivate humility within, it allows you to...
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What sort of situations make me forget who I am and how do I connect back?

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2020
There were times I would feel I was on autopilot, not balanced, stagnant, stressed with exams or work, or caught up in my daily responsibilities which contributed to “forgetting who I am”.
When I meditated before sleep, different thoughts about what I did in the day would come into my mind. (I will share how this is actually a good process in my free meditation webinar coming soon!)
And I would think about the business in the day, all the “material” things I was involved in and how I would be on autopilot routine.
I would start thinking I was forgetting my connection and I would feel separate from my divine self and then feel bad about it.
So let’s just say that in the moments I forgot, I didn’t reconnect. In fact all I did was judge myself for not feeling connected!
My judgment of myself was the disconnect!
What I forgot was that everything I do, even the material, is in line with my purpose to...
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Creativity: A Need Of The Human Spirit

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020
Have you ever felt that creative standstill on a project you may be working on? You were flowing for weeks and then you hit a standstill.
You can’t think of how to move forward.
Try engaging your creativity in something different or in something you love.
Did you know that creativity is both a result of genetics and experience?
Everyone has the potential to become more creative, it’s not all based on genes, and in fact it’s more based on your experience.
What does creativity do for us?
Engaging in creative activities that have repetitive motion and create a result, (e.g. writing, art, knitting, crochet) exercises your mind and creates a consistent blood flow as well as stimulate that feel-good chemical – dopamine, which motivates you.
🎨 Creativity keeps your mind stay sharp, focused and restored.
🎨Creativity improves your IQ, EQ and SQ.
🎨 Creativity stimulates dopamine and serotonin and can help with anxiety and...
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How Do We Cultivate Humility?

humility Jun 07, 2020

What is humility? 

Humility is a Divine quality that brings forth wisdom, an understanding and strength within us. It enables us to draw closer to the Divine, and thus experience love within and with others. 

It is often mistaken as hiding ourselves away, so as not to be seen or heard. To be quiet about our skills, gifts and talents. However, in its truest and purest form, it is the recognition and acknowledgement that all that we are comes from the Highest source. That we exist not of our own doing, but from a power and Source that is Supreme. It is from the grace of this Source we are able to exist and manifest all that we are in co-creation and knowing this, is in essence, humility.


How do we cultivate humility?

Life experience can be our greatest teacher. We can be humbled by events, people, positive or negative experiences. Take for example, being blessed with a home. This can be a humbling experience if one has not had a home gifted before. 

 We can...

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How can we feel more connected to others?

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020
To feel more connected to others it’s important that we first connect to ourselves.
When we connect to ourselves we’re also able to create lives that are meaningful and fulfilling.
Of course, this doesn’t eliminate negative feelings or behaviors, but it helps you cope more healthfully when challenges arise.
6 ways to feel more connected to yourself:
💐Recognize the needs of your spirit. What is it that brings you meaning?
💐 Accept your self, your thoughts and your emotions without pushing them away, see them in a non judgemental way.
💐 Remember You don’t need to “do anything” or fix your feelings, they are a way for you to experience the world around you.
💐 Take time for yourself to reflect on who you are and why.
💐 Kindness starts towards yourself so think of 3 things you love about you daily, jot it down.
💐 Engaging in the activities that inspires and brings you spiritual vitality.
When you connect...
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How did you authentically express yourself today?

humility Jun 04, 2020
Authentic expression is something that can be hard when we are worried about what others will think or how they will react.
A way I help myself be authentic is by making sure that what I say honours who I am.
What I mean by that is I ask myself if I say this does it align with my own self, my values, my spiritual beliefs and do I feel it resonated from a deeper place.
Sometimes when we voice our opinions they are not well received and we don’t feel good about what others said in response of our own expression.
When we learn to authentically express, its like learning anything,
You first have to do it and then you learn how to refine your expression.
So if people don’t take it well you refine the way you say something and still make sure that what you express resonates with you.
However there are some times when you have said things that were refined and you still get backlashed.
If you had humility, kindness and compassion when you expressed...
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Marriage as a spiritual journey

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020
As my meditation teacher, Bhai sahib ji, would say,
“Marriage is a bed of thorns so we must Let the CAT out of the bag. “
C- Compassionately compromise
A- Acceptance of each other’s spirit
T- Tolerance of our shortcomings.
Your partner is there to smooth out the rough edges”
35 years ago when he gave that answer to a gathering of married couples they all laughed at this.
My idea’s of marriage at 17 years old was what I saw on those Indian Hindi movies, they fall in love and the man fights to love you for the rest of his life, and he adores you. (Those of you who have watched Indian movies know what I am talking about).
And I believe still everyone deserves to have a marriage that is soulful and alive.
As a women, I want to feel swept up into a great adventure of life with my husband, and know that I am the beauty in his life.
It’s ingrained in men since childhood to want to be the “hero” in the story, I...
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Addressing kids consciously.

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020
If you are finding that your kids are a bit more demanding or clingy recently especially since the start of the pandemic, they may be feeling a bit anxious about what is going on and find safety and comfort from you as their parent.
Consider these tips to help you as a parent deal with the emotions and be a conscious parent:
🌺Being mindful about your kid may be feeling unsafe because they hear all the talk about COVID so this could be why they are clinging to you or seem more anxious.
🌺Ask yourself daily if the message of love, unconditional belonging and significance is getting through to your kids
🌺 You May not like their behaviour or attitude but remember there is always a reason behind the behaviour. If you can figure out the cause it will help you to find the best solutions
🌺 Active listening will always relay the message that you care, it makes them know you are always connected with them and love them.
🌺Develop your own self care practice because it will...
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My purpose as a parent that I learned yesterday.

Uncategorized May 28, 2020
This is my “threenager” son. He is quite the active little guy.
Yesterday he would not give up his screaming.
He was told he can not put more liquid soap into the cup (he filled it), and boy he lost it and was screaming. He starts emptying the water in his bath using a container while we had taken his sister out to go change.
I come back to see pretty much quarter of the tub water on the floor.
I am Not perfect so I was taken by surprise. I was about to lose it, but instead thought, okay it’s just water and with a loud voice I said “stop! what are you doing?”
In times of crisis for me things go in slow motion. Things are at a halt and this very neutral feeling comes about (which has proven to be advantageous in many situations I have been in).
I wrap him up in towel pulled him out of the tub and then hugged him as he continued to scream and cry.
I know he needs me now when he is still figuring out how to deal with his...
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