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Free workbooks on forgiveness.

forgiveness Jul 03, 2020

 Free workbooks On forgiveness for your patients and yourself, from Everett Worthington’s website:

1) The Path to forgiveness: 6 practical sections for Becoming a More Forgiving Person
2) Your Path to REACH Forgiveness: Become a More Forgiving Person in Less Than 2hours
3) Moving Forward: 6 steps to Forgiving Yourself and Breaking Free from the Past
4) Experiencing Forgiveness: 6 practical sections For becoming a More Forgiving Christian
1) Forgiveness by Iyanla Vanzant
2) The Book of Forgiving Desmund Tutu and Mpho Tutu
3) The Wisdom of Forgiveness: Dalai Lama, Victor Chan
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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How do we forgive?

forgiveness Jul 02, 2020
When we make the decision to be free, within our heart, it requires work, amongst our busy schedules and hectic lives.
Our intention is witnessed by our innate self, or the Infinite Source. Setting aside time can be difficult, but is rewarding.
🌺 We begin with acceptance of the emotions which arise, in our early stages of opening our hearts to forgiveness.
🌺We give ourselves permission to feel whatever arises.
🌺We speak to our higher selves and ask for
guidance and courage.
🌺We ask for strength to be kind and gentle to ourselves.
🌺We ask for compassion to fill our hearts. In the process of forgiving we include ourselves as one to be forgiven. When we are compassionate to ourselves, we are then able to extend that compassion to others.
🌺Some use daily affirmations, to ask for
🌺 Others may seek support with spiritual and mental health advisors, who may-be able to offer different ways of seeing the world. An objective person will offer new insights...
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5 reasons why it is hard to forgive?

forgiveness Jun 30, 2020
Hurt and pain is inevitable, when we get hurt by someone or we have hurt someone what really can be affected is our self esteem, and our self worth.
Here are 5 reasons it may be hard to Forgive yourself or others:
🌺 Feeling disappointed in yourself or others, which stems from having expectations of yourself or others.
🌺 You Feel like you are letting them off the hook.
🌺 Feel like we are not being Authentic, you think you are not being honest with yourself because if you forgive and don’t really “feel” like forgiving you are therefore not honoring yourself.
🌺 You begin to lack empathy of others,
Lack of empathy can get in the way of forgiving and plays an important role in the process in forgiving others.
I am not saying that you have to fully put yourself in the shoes of the person who hurt you, the truth is you can’t really do that fully, and you may not want to do that fully, depending on how traumatic the event was.
🌺 You feel you...
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Forgiveness can be a spark of light within us.

forgiveness Jun 29, 2020
Forgiveness can be a spark of light within us. It is healing and transformative.
We have all experienced a time when we have found it difficult to forgive someone whether it be family, friends, colleagues, or someone we don’t know who has hurt us.
Our painful emotional, mental, physical and spiritual experiences are stored deep in our cells and memory, harboured in our subconscious minds and pierce our hearts.
These experiences can take a toll on one’s being and it feels like crushed glass flowing through our veins.
Sometimes, we feel we can’t shake or get rid of the pain, and this pain finds a home in our body, mind, dampening our spirit's inspiration and expression.
We do not need to embark on the process of forgiveness for anyone else but ourselves.
It is important to remember, although we may not be able to forget, deny or even accept the experience, forgiveness is about setting ourselves free. It is for our...
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Success. We all want it.

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020
Success. We all want it, even though definitions of success differ from person to person.
Success depends on factors much deeper and spiritual then we consciously think about.
Success is easier attained when you know how to connect with your true self and that authenticity interacts with others.
How have you discovered your true Self and what did that feel like to be guided from a deeper place within?
Imagine a time when you may have felt a sense of peacefulness and connectedness with the universe, what did you do to let that flow?
Feeling connected to those around you and your environment helps you to unlock that inner infinite creative potential.
Connectedness brings you peace. It is through that peace you can sense the world around you and it’s vastness.
When you connect within you realize that you are not merely a solitary human being, but an integral part of nature, you may discover that your true Self knows...
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Conflicts: religion/spirituality affecting decisions in medical care.

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020
There are times when spiritual beliefs and religious beliefs can conflict with standard medical care.
I have heard from some colleagues that they think that there is possible danger of religious and spiritual beliefs on peoples medical decisions.
The worry being, our health partners (patients) decide about their medical care based in favour of their religious or spiritual beliefs over standard medical practices.
How often do you think this occurs?
Truth is it doesn’t occur all that often. Based on the research on spirituality in health care, we know conflicts between religion/spiritual beliefs and medical care are not that common, but they do occur.
There is this assumption that those people with traditional religious beliefs will not seek standard medical care or be harder to treat because they believe in “God’s will” or that “God will take care of it”.
However most of our patients belong to traditional...
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How do you deal with unrealistic overwhelming demands?

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2020
Unrealistic demands from work, family and yourself and trying to meet them all can be exhausting.
It creates stress and an unhealthy balance in life.
We all need that reconnection, energy and clarity on what we want in our life.
Here are 5 tips to help gain a balanced perspective in your personal and professional life:
👉🏽 Reflect on how realistic your expectations are for yourself and those around you.
👉🏽 Recognize your weaknesses and ask for support from relationships at home and at work .
👉🏽 Master your resilience - through meditation, don’t accept stress as a fact of life.
👉🏽 Step into your power by letting go of your old beliefs that are limiting you from being your infinite self.
👉🏽 Put your self as the first person on your favourites list. Self care is not selfish.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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Humility is a new way of thinking of intelligence.

humility Jun 15, 2020
Let’s face it we all cringe at unflattering feedback from a friend or colleague; no one likes criticism.
Humility helps you focus on managing your self and avoid reacting quickly and telling yourself that your friend is wrong.
You might be thinking that humility is a religious idea which means being passive and submissive.
I like to see it more as a mindset.
Think of humility as cultivating interpersonal and collaboration skills that “quiet the ego”.
Humility helps us shape how we react, shorten our emotional defensiveness and creates a compassionate, open hearted, open minded state of being.
It allows you to practice your life consciously listening and reflecting on the perceptions you have and rise above your cognitive and emotional biases.
Humility empowers you to let go of your preconceived notions of the world and gain stronger connections with others in your life.
When you cultivate humility within, it allows you to...
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What sort of situations make me forget who I am and how do I connect back?

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2020
There were times I would feel I was on autopilot, not balanced, stagnant, stressed with exams or work, or caught up in my daily responsibilities which contributed to “forgetting who I am”.
When I meditated before sleep, different thoughts about what I did in the day would come into my mind. (I will share how this is actually a good process in my free meditation webinar coming soon!)
And I would think about the business in the day, all the “material” things I was involved in and how I would be on autopilot routine.
I would start thinking I was forgetting my connection and I would feel separate from my divine self and then feel bad about it.
So let’s just say that in the moments I forgot, I didn’t reconnect. In fact all I did was judge myself for not feeling connected!
My judgment of myself was the disconnect!
What I forgot was that everything I do, even the material, is in line with my purpose to...
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Creativity: A Need Of The Human Spirit

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020
Have you ever felt that creative standstill on a project you may be working on? You were flowing for weeks and then you hit a standstill.
You can’t think of how to move forward.
Try engaging your creativity in something different or in something you love.
Did you know that creativity is both a result of genetics and experience?
Everyone has the potential to become more creative, it’s not all based on genes, and in fact it’s more based on your experience.
What does creativity do for us?
Engaging in creative activities that have repetitive motion and create a result, (e.g. writing, art, knitting, crochet) exercises your mind and creates a consistent blood flow as well as stimulate that feel-good chemical – dopamine, which motivates you.
🎨 Creativity keeps your mind stay sharp, focused and restored.
🎨Creativity improves your IQ, EQ and SQ.
🎨 Creativity stimulates dopamine and serotonin and can help with anxiety and...
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