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The benefits of social belonging.

belonging Oct 01, 2020
When we have a sense of belonging, we are better able to cope with intense and painful emotions.
Other benefits include:
πŸŒ€ Improved happiness and joy
πŸŒ€Our strength grows when we feel a sense of connection with others
πŸŒ€When the next difficult encounter arrives, we are more resilient and able to work through these situations.
πŸŒ€We also have better mental and emotional health.
πŸŒ€Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
πŸŒ€Lower rates of unhealthy social behaviours
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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What can we do to build a sense of belonging?

belonging Sep 30, 2020
Sometimes we may find it hard to connect and form social relationships within these settings.
Our own inner work can help us relate to others, as we are more likely to bond with others if we also simultaneously work on our own hearts.
The following can help with establishing nurturing fulfilling relationships with others, that cultivate a sense of belonging.
πŸ’ƒLearning to accept yourself for who you are, this will grow a sense of accepting others for who they are. We do not have to be perfect, yet begin to understand we are created perfectly imperfect.
πŸ•ΊπŸ½Being less judgemental of ourselves will lead us to being less judgemental of others.
Be open minded others and self.
πŸ’ƒLook for similarities in others, rather than our differences. But also listen carefully to their story and what makes them different with an open mind.
πŸ•ΊπŸ½Having compassion for others, or ourselves… brings a sense of belonging.
Seeing others with a compassionate heart, you are accepting...
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The science of belonging

belonging Sep 29, 2020
Biologically we are also wired to have a sense of belonging.
Research has shown early attachments when we are young affect our relationships when we are older, with positive secure attachments assisting with healthier relationships in adult life.
It begins as early as in the womb, with women who produced higher levels of oxytocin in the first trimester of pregnancy, showing better connection with their babies.
Oxytocin appears to play a significant role in our social connections under various conditions, including stress, where it is also found at high levels along with the hormone cortisol.
Psychologists have labelled this the “ tend and befriend” responses, with higher levels of oxytocin in low stress conditions providing tenderness to relationships and high oxytocin in stressful conditions, causing people to seek out or befriend more connection with others.
Neuroscientists have also described the feelings of disconnection, not belonging and...
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Belonging is a need of the human spirit.

belonging Sep 28, 2020
Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong anywhere?
You have craved the sense of feeling a part of something, a collective, community, organisation, family?
Belonging is a need of the human spirit.
We all need to feel we belong to something bigger than ourselves, whether it be the projects we work on or the day to day life that we have.
When we have the sense of contribution to a group or collective we have better satisfaction in life.
We are more motivated and engaged in life.
Internal belonging is the spirit's need to feel connected and have a sense of purpose.
This opens the doors for spiritual realisation for ourselves and helps us value our lives.
How is belonging essential to your spirit?
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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What can we do to help others feel connected?

connection Sep 26, 2020
Our longing for connection is common.
As spiritual beings, we can support others to feel connected and thus also contribute to positive healing of others.
As Brene Brown quotes,
“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”
Here are 8 tips on how to support others and inquire about their sense of connection.
πŸŒ€ Trust your feeling that someone is struggling! Keep an eye on, patients your friends or family if you can sense something doesn’t feel right.
πŸŒ€Most people do not admit to feeling lonely, therefore an open question to see if they want to talk such as “It’s been awhile since we have connected, what interesting things have you been doing with others (or themselves)?”
πŸŒ€With patients in consultation, we can ask, “Who supports...
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What can we do to stay connected to others?

connection Sep 25, 2020
It is important to have a balance of staying connected to others and some time for self reflection.
We can connect with people, places, nature, philosophies and ideas.
2 important questions to help you and others reflect on the need of the spirit to connect :
1️⃣What helps you feel connected?
2️⃣ What activities do you like doing, that could lead to forming or reigniting your connection (eg bush walking, joining a hiking group, spiritual community, spending time in nature, loved ones )?
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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Connection with ourselves first

connection Sep 24, 2020
Connecting with ourselves affects how we connect with others.
We all vary in how we feel about connection and ways to experience it.
Understanding what connection means for us, takes time.
Some may connect with feeling at harmony and at peace.
Others may feel connected with the following:
1️⃣Focusing and clarifying on what they want to do with themselves in lives
2️⃣Spending time in nature, taking time to reflect on our lives
3️⃣Going for a walk, bike ride
4️⃣Meditation, worship or prayer
5️⃣Reading scripture or books of interest
6️⃣Listening to spirit nurturing podcasts and videos or music
7️⃣Creative art making
In the process of self transformation and connecting with our inner being, we are better able to support others in their transformation also.
Consider answering, for yourself, these 2 questions:
πŸŒ€How do you help your health partners (patients) to connect within themselves?
πŸŒ€What prescription do you write for others and yourself that...
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Benefits of healthy connection

connection Sep 23, 2020
Research has also shown a lack of connection can cause greater harm to health.
Dr Julianne Holt Lundstan has done extensive research on social connections and the impact of this on wellbeing.
She highlights 5 harms caused by disconnection:
1️⃣Premature mortality
2️⃣Comparable to the risk of smoking 15 cigarettes a day
3️⃣30% risk greater of having a stroke
4️⃣Greater risk than obesity on health
5️⃣Greater anxiety and depression
Here are 5 benefits of feeling connected:
1️⃣50% greater survival than those with less connection
2️⃣Better self esteem and empathy
3️⃣Strengthens immune system
4️⃣Better emotional regulation
5️⃣Better blood pressure.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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Connection is an important need of the spirit!

connection Sep 22, 2020
Reflect on the times when you have felt disconnected from people, a place, or a spiritual practice.
5 questions to Ask yourself:
1️⃣What were you experiencing at the time?
2️⃣How were you feeling?
3️⃣What did you need, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?
4️⃣What do you feel would have made you feel a sense of love, peace and belonging?
5️⃣How did you try to reconnect?
We have all felt a sense of disconnection at some point in our lives.
Some may feel this feeling seems to persist forever, the need to belong, or to feel a part of a community of people where we feel love.
Our desire to feel connected stems from the need of our spirit.
We can feel isolated and alone.
There are differences in both, some may be isolated but not feel alone and others may not be isolated and with a large group of people and still feel alone.
Not all connections are positive. Healthy connection is important for our health. It is also important for community health and...
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Benefits of healthy communication

communication Sep 18, 2020
1️⃣ Healthy communication helps us build trust and intimacy with others.
2️⃣ We will feel listened to and understood, when we have been able to deliver a message or express emotion to someone, who has received it in such a way that also helps them understand us and themselves.
3️⃣ Communication helps us to express emotions and feelings such as love, joy, sadness and anger.
When we learn how to convey these in different and meaningful ways, we grow spiritually, nurturing the needs of our spirit as well as those around us.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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