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Being Intentional for Better Well-being Series. Episode 3: Connecting To Your Spirituality

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2020

Learn to connect within to a deeper place of all knowing, and harness that knowledge in everyday life more intentionally. Connect to your spirituality. What gives you meaning and purpose?

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Being Intentional for Better Well-being Series. Episode 2: Meaning and Purpose

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2020

 Finding meaning and purpose today.

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Music Is a Universal Language That Touches Our Soul And Nourishes our Brain

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2020
Music is a universal language. It touches our soul and evokes emotions that can uplift our spirits.
Music Therapy has been shown to improve wellbeing and has physiological impact in our bodies.
This article shows:
Music training promotes neuroplasticity
Music improves cognitive abilities
Music help promote healthy aging of brain
Group Music activities are potential ways to maintain physical and psychological health
Recreational music making Alters gene expression involved in the stress response
Music is a whole brain workout
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
Picture credit: Eli Asenova Getty Images
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5 Surprising Facts About Rejection Sensitivity

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2020

How do you deal with Rejection?

Did your heart start racing in anticipation? Does your mind and body get overwhelmed? Did you anxiously expect? Or intensively react to rejection?

Some people have “high rejection sensitivity”

This article interestingly points out that those who are highly sensitive to rejection:

 Are physiologically more on alert when they’re reminded of rejection cues

 have specific ways their brain and bodies behave, and often very real consequences it lights up neural fireworks which runs rampant.

it’s not that unpleasantness activates this for them its specific to rejection

 women, specifically, engaged in more negative behaviors after a relationship conflict, such as being hostile, denying responsibility, putting their partner down, or making negative assumptions about their partner.


What can help someone to overcome high rejection sensitivity? (Tips from me and this article)

 Delay Gratification at a young age...

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Being Intentional for Better Well-being Series. Episode 1: Scheduling your day

video Apr 13, 2020

Schedule your day: This helps with decreasing your anxiety, feeling of being overwhelmed.

Scheduling your day will give better productivity, provide clarity and create space in your mind that will energize you.

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Working From Home During The Coronavirus Crisis Is A Recipe For Burnout, Experts Say

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2020

Working from home maybe difficult at this time.

Having kids at home can make it harder.

There is no separation of “work time” and “leisure time” it all gets blended.

Keeping my day schedule similar to my days when I went physically to work has helped me to stay productive.

Perhaps like you , with my kids being home I have to find ways to balance seeing patients, their schoolwork, housework, self care time and family time.

This article (that my friend has contributed to, Dr. Jasleen Chatwal) talks about the pressure of being at home and trying to be productive an interesting and informative read. Click the link to read it.

These are some tips I have found helpful for myself:

SCHEDULE YOUR DAY (I am posting a short video on this soon)
SIT NEAR A WINDOW when working
TAKE OUTDOOR BREAKS (sit outside for 10min breaks)
MEAL PLAN for the week
MOVE OR STAND (sit-stand desk, while working)
PRE PLAN activities for your kids

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Thrive Bites Podcast - Staying Well Amongst COVID-19

I was delighted to take part in a podcast with Dr. Colin Zhu, the Chef Doc and Dr. Ingrid Edshteyn as part of the Thrive Bites COVID Special Series.

We talked about how do we stay well amongst ourselves and with loved ones through meditation, yoga, fitness and shifting our perspectives.

You can check it out here.

Honouring and Serving
Simran Rattan

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That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief

grief Apr 04, 2020

This article talks about grief and emotions and how recognizing our discomfort is important to help us through the anxiety.

Being able to know and be aware of what emotion we are feeling can help us manage them.

The unknown, the lack of control, the deaths, the shock, the nightmares, the pressure of decisions that may affect a life, amplify the grief within.

If we do not have clarity on what our grief is we can let it consume us and result in emotional and spiritual distress.

A few things to help with grief are (on top of seeking professional help):

1) Do not stop your pain from surfacing it will only make it worse in the long run.

2) Remembering there is no specific "time frame" in which grieving must be done in.

3) Know that crying is not the only way to know you are grieving, you may have pain that is not expressed this way, but another way.

4) Seek out face - to -face (in the pandemic through phone or virtually) support from those that care about you or a health professional.


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woebot Apr 02, 2020

Woebot, an app to help anxiety? It exists.

I Tried it and I was pleasantly surprised!

It’s a scary time in the world right now and an app called Woebot is offering to help with "Tiny conversations to feel your best.” I decided to check it out to see if it may help those who are suffering anxiety and fear around the pandemic. And I was pleasantly amazed how it focuses on the positive.

It highlights the positive collaboration and acts of kindness that people are doing right now during the pandemic:
It highlights the viral video of people in Italy singing from their apartment windows to keep each other's spirits up. 
It creates a feeling of heartfelt warmth by telling us of low-risk people signing up to do odd jobs for the elderly who can't leave their houses.
It reminds us about how good it feels to do things for others.

Woebot also smartly tells you how it’s trying to shift your perspective. One way it does this is by comparing and creating a picture that...

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Community Circle

community circle Apr 01, 2020

Creating harmony within by connecting to your community circle. Your person.

Who is part of your community circle?

Has physical distancing made you feel less connected? Social connection is a vital part of your being. It is the secrets sauce to wellbeing. You’re social interactions can still continue to be even though you are physically distant.

Virtual is one way, another thing you can do to feel connected is by going within. Connecting yourself to your inner life force that connects us all.

Consider this exercise to help you feel connected those you can’t see physically. Think of the people in your circle. Choose someone to think of specifically. Close your eyes and imagine they are in front of you.

What emotions do you feel or pops up for you? Embrace that feeling now and fill your heart with more love.

Find 3 positive words to describe your relationship with that person.

Then imagine sending those feelings out to them.

Then open your eyes and give thanks for having...

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