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What brings you meaning?

meaning Aug 31, 2020
Have you ever felt like your life has no meaning?
You're wondering why you are here, what the point of it all is?
What is the grand purpose of things?
You want to feel useful and as though you are contributing to the world, like you have a place and purpose?
Many of us face the question of why am I here and what is the meaning to life at various times in our lives.
There are times when you are sure about what you are doing and times where you have no idea what you are doing or why you are doing things.
It's the times when things seem unclear, when we can feel lost or stressed.
When trying to find ourselves, or wanting to discover the meaning of life, we can get more and more confused and disheartened.
This pursuit of meaning can lead us to feeling worse about who we are.
Philosophers, psychiatrists and psychologists have discussed, that it may actually be in not knowing the meaning to life, we actually find it.
Viktor Frankl, the Austrian...
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How can we cultivate self esteem and support others to do the same?

self esteem Aug 28, 2020
As we get older, we are navigating so many life situations all at once. Because of this, we will filter out information based on our core beliefs, hence it is important to work on changing how we see ourselves.
We need to develop a healthy self- esteem, to live fulfilling and loving lives.
Make time to schedule self esteem work.
Here are 6 Things to help with self esteem
1️⃣Write down positive things about yourself, which help you see your positive traits.
❤️I AM statements are powerful eg I AM generous
2️⃣Stop the inner critic.
🧠Our minds run away with ourselves. When it becomes too much we need to just say stop!
🛑Stop negative evaluations eg: “ I should have done this or that.”
🛑Stop labelling yourself negatively. When something happens, stop saying, “ I am hopeless.”
3️⃣Surround yourself with nurturing people
When you are feeling fragile, it is important to be around people you feel emotionally safe with, so you can continue to rebuild your...
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Why does low self esteem stick better than superglue?

self esteem Aug 27, 2020
When we have developed core beliefs about ourselves from what we have heard and experienced, we tend to focus and pay attention to what we believe and process incoming information accordingly.
Thus we develop expectations of what we think may happen in our lives based on our beliefs about ourselves, before events even happen.
For example.
We may have been told, “ You are stupid,” by someone in authority.
If our core belief becomes, “ I am stupid ,” then we may enter a situation, like work with the belief already, we are stupid.
This belief will affect how we feel about ourselves and our performance at work may not be our best.
We may get nervous, make mistakes, feel uncomfortable, NOT because we are stupid, but because we believe we are stupid.
This highlights the importance of working on our core beliefs.
Dr Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist works on rewiring the brain, based on his research of neuroplasticity, the ability...
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What is self esteem?

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020
Have you ever wanted to feel confident about who you are, in such a way that you feel at peace with your decisions and relationships?
Have you wanted to be able to set boundaries without feeling guilty? Would you like to be assertive, but not pushy?
Are you scared of conflict? Or Are you always trying to please people?
What is self esteem?
Self esteem is the way in which we see ourselves. Our perceptions, beliefs and opinions about who we are.
This is shaped and molded from when we were a child and our experiences as we grow older. Rebuilding our self esteem when we have been broken, may seem like an insurmountable task.
We may feel like shattered glass. Being wounded with words, behaviours, actions has lasting effects on our self -esteem and thus our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
The power of words and the variety of words you use either have a positive or negative affect on your subconscious and conscious mind.
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How can we move beyond our emotions and thoughts?

emotional agility Aug 20, 2020
The 4 step process to move beyond our emotions and thoughts that hold us in limbo and keep us stagnant is as follows:
1️⃣Recognise patterns:
When we are going through the experience, the patterns, feelings thoughts and emotions, feel like reruns of the same show.
We are likely to have felt these feelings of fear, guilt or doubt and incompetency before in previous experiences, which is why they pop up again so strongly.
The thoughts are repetitive, we find ourselves thinking the same things again and again, “ I should be doing this, I should have done that,” or in the case of losing a job, “ What did I do wrong? Why didn’t I this or that? My boss never valued me.”
It is important to recognise these patterns of thinking and feeling, that have a hold over us so we are able to become unhooked.
2️⃣Label thoughts and emotions accurately:
It's good to label our thoughts to create an objective lens.
When thinking, “ My boss...
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How can we manage our emotions and thoughts in a healthy way?

emotional agility Aug 19, 2020
It is exhausting when emotions and thoughts take hold.
It has a snowball effect stopping us in our tracks from living and enjoying our lives.
We become rigid in our thinking and this isn’t healthy.
We move forward by understanding and processing these emotions.
It is important to recognize what's going on and having a way to navigate through everything we are experiencing.
Dr Susan David and her team have developed a way to move beyond our emotions and thoughts that hold us in limbo and keep us stagnant.
The four step process is as follows:
✅ Recognise patterns
✅ Label thoughts and emotions accurately
✅ Accept Them
✅Action on your values
Research shows that attempting to minimize or ignore thoughts and emotions serves only to amplify them.
Gaining emotional agility will help you to begin the process of noticing when you are being absorbed by your thoughts and emotions. This will help you lead yourself out of old patterns that do not serve...
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Do you struggle to manage your thoughts and emotions?

emotional agility Aug 18, 2020
When something happens in life that is testing, do you struggle to manage your thoughts and emotions?
Does it all seem overwhelming?
Do you lay awake at night and ruminate over and over again, different scenarios, what ifs, whys and how will this pan out?
Do you question yourself and what you are doing, doubting your abilities to make people happy, meet people's needs whilst trying to maintain your own sanity and strength?
Do you choose to ignore, deny or embrace your emotions?
Certain life experiences can cause us to react and respond in certain ways.
These experiences trigger our emotions and hence our interactions with the world around us.
Our responses can have either a negative or positive impact on the direction and course of our lives.
Take for example if someone has lost their job. They may be experiencing so many doubts, fears and worries about how to move forward.
There are questions leading to how to provide for the family, how to pay the immediate...
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What is emotional agility?

emotional agility Aug 17, 2020
What is emotional agility ?
Dr Susan David a psychologist and researcher of emotions and happiness described emotional agility as the following:
“Emotional agility is a process that enables us to navigate life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open mind. The process isn’t about ignoring difficult emotions and thoughts. It’s about holding those emotions and thoughts loosely, facing them courageously and compassionately, and then moving past them to ignite change in your life.“
Emotional agility is the ability to be malleable in a life circumstance, take a step aside or form a bird’s eye view of what we are experiencing, thinking and feeling, allowing us the space to work through it all, without being consumed.
It is a process that gives us the insights to move forward in a healthy way, that enhances our growth and well-being
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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What can you do to manage pain of the spirit?

spiritual distress Aug 13, 2020
What can you do to manage pain of the spirit?
It is during this time, of spiritual upheaval, the Universe can be our closest experience to love, strength and protection to call upon.
It is important to turn to someone we trust who will support us through these changes.
The following can help start the healing of the spirit during this hard time: (Be mindful of your health partners (patients) beliefs when recommending)
❤️ While it may feel like unbearable or you are losing hope, this is the exact and precise moment to seek help from the specialist, a chaplain or spiritual care professional.❤️
🌀Connect to your supports (family, spiritual leaders, religious leaders etc)
🌀Stay connected to people you trust
🌀Pray and connect with worship, read scripture
🌀Surround yourself with loving people
🌀Disconnect from anything that has the ability to sow seeds of doubt
🌀 Meditate
🌀Journal the needs of your spirit
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What are some risk factors for spiritual pain?

spiritual distress Aug 12, 2020
Here are a few:
Persons are at risk for spiritual pain when they
🌺 Deep feelings of loneliness or abandonment.
🌺When they hurt from missing loved ones, living or dead.
🌺Have no community, social support, absence of visitors.
🌺Begin to lose hope in their health and life
Spiritual pain can sometimes be so personal for some they have a hard time expressing that they have it to their community. Sometimes because they fear judgement or even judge themselves, or maybe they don’t even know what the distress is. We can help many if we can start taking a spiritual history and assess the needs of the spirit and if there is any distress.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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